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AKREUS doo is an online service provider from Slovenia, offering web site creation, social media development, and consultancy on internet related questions and problems.

Through a network of partners, we function as a one stop shop to find your online solution.

We work at attractive rates and can draw from over 15 years of online experience.

Technologies and skills:

  • Microsoft web technology with SQL Server
  • Drupal CMS and PHP with MySQL
  • Social media identity creation
  • Database conversion and migration
  • Google Analytics tracking and reporting
  • Scrum Agile development
  • Newsletter management
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Giant Steps


  • One.com web environment
  • Image processing
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Content conversion
  • Administration


For this human capital and HR consultancy firm, we created the online presence of Giant Steps using a low cost One.Com approach, set up all necessary accounts including Google Analytics, and consulted on the content and structure of the website. All needed content and images have been processed and entered into the CMS accordingly.

Year: 2013

Patrick Vannoote wines


  • Facebook account and page creation
  • Communications setup using Gmail
  • Mailchimp newsletter setup
  • Web site integration
  • Content editing and authoring


For this out of the ordinary wine shop, we created the full online Facebook presence, and kickstarted the social media marketing. Content was collected, edited and posted to include interested fans for home tastings of wines from South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. The backend is driven by a Mailchimp messaging engine, with a custom app integration for wine tasting reservations.

Year: 2013



  • Waiting page setup
  • .SI domain name
  • Email setup
Tat Sam Yoga and Meditation Center


For this small and original project, we registered a .SI domain name and set up the email. An initial multilingual waiting page was made. The page serves as a baseline for the wwoofing-activities deployed on this spiritual farm.

Year: 2013

Jardifloor calculator


  • Custom web app development
  • Product database driven inventory tool
  • Tablet, mobile, desktop
  • Multi user application
not available


For Jardifloor, a local construction company, we have built and maintain an online calculator tool. This tool is used to generate product listings, and linked to a specific price category for a given customer, a total sum is calculated and produced in an easy to print format. The tool has document sharing possibilities via email, and is optimized for tablet/mobile usage.

Year: 2014

Jardifloor website


  • Website development
  • Self managed portfolio tool
  • Responsive
Jardifloor company website


After a succesful build of the Jardifloor calculator, the customer also asked us to implement a new and responsive portfolio website. The site is a smart and dynamic onepager, with a central portfolio section that can be easily maintained. A commercially available online design was used and customised to keep costs down, and we assisted in the content creation for the website.

Year: 2015


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